Take a look at valley of the Soča River from a bird’s eye view under the wing of a mighty parachute piloted by a qualified pilot.


We offer VIP paragliding flights. We get to our office where we perform formalities and then go to our take-off with our vehicle. When you arrive, we return together to the center of Kobarid, Slovenia and toast with spirit. 😉

Paragliding in tandem is performed from various take-offs in the Soča valley, Slovenia. Table, Kuk or Matajur are only the most common ones – in the case of more favorable weather, you can choose the take-off. In any case, the altitude difference between the take-off and the landing is at least 1000 meters altitude (depending on the conditions), which means a flight between 15 and 20 minutes, sometimes more.

Kuk, Matajur pricing

1 jump

160,00 per person

Stol pricing

1 jump

180,00 per person

All prices are per person in €. Pricelist is valid from 01.01.2022. All taxes are included.

For whom is the parachute jump suitable?
The flight is not physically exhaustive, but it is necessary to have some goodwill and courage.

What about kids and parachutes?
All, sometimes even smaller children, can take part in the flight. Unfortunately, there is no uniform rule on the involvement of children, because safety is decided by the pilot in this regard. The decision of the pilot is based on various factors, the most important being the weather conditions and the height and weight of the child.

What do I need for a parachute jump?
You need hiking boots for paragliding only. It is best to have those that extend over the ankles. In addition to hiking shoes, we recommend that you have a windshield or a wind stopper jacket with you, even in the summer. Despite the fact that the tandem flight will surely remain in your memory, you can take a smaller camera with you. We recommend one that has the capability of a protective cord.

Safety when skydiving
We carry out flights from take-offs and we do not perform jumps from the plane. Weather conditions for flying is very important, so jumps are possible only after a careful assessment of the weather. Because of that the activity is not always available.
We have obtained an appropriate national license for paragliding and we are registered in the Register of Paragliders as well.

Parachute jump as a gift

You can buy a parachute jump as a gift voucher for your friends, family, co-workers, etc. A tandem flight is a safe experience. A gift voucher can be used by the recipient within a year.