Canyoning offers a great and interesting experience of the gorge from a new perspective. Running along natural water slides, jumping into deep pools and walking along natural streams are an integral part of this increasingly popular experience. Sušec is a gorge that we offer to all those who are meeting this sport for the first time. For others with experience we offer professional descents which require good physical preparedness and basic knowledge of the use of the rope.

Sušec gorge

Sušec is a gorge that we offer to all those who encounter a canyon for the first time, offering very interesting water slides, waterfalls and pools.

  • duration: cca. 1,5h in the gorge, 2,5h all together
  • length: 2 km
  • extra: children: 10 years +
  • what do you need: swimwear, towel, extra t-shirt

Basic canyoning pricing

min 4 persons

60,00 per person

Canyoning advanced pricing

min 4 persons

100,00 per person

All prices are per person in €. Pricelist is valid from 01.01.2022. All taxes are included.

Picnic after canyoning

Have you heard that water makes you hungry? As we know it, besides the canyoning, we can prepare a catering offer or a picnic for your group at the final destination. We can offer you dishes on a spoon, a grill offer or an offer by appointment.

Active sport packages

For individuals and groups, we can offer active single and multi-day sports packages in our agency, which can include accommodation, sports activities, transportation.

Canyoning season

The sports activities on the Soča River are allowed from March 15 until October 30. In this period, the Soča and in particular its tributaries have different water levels which means different conditions for canyoning. The summer months of July and August are the warmest and low on precipitation. Canyoning is at this time a pleasant experience and an excellent way of cooling yourself. Spring months are usually richer in water and hence can make the canyoning an adrenaline experience.