Canoe is an inflatable boat suitable for wild waters and can seat from 2 to 3 people at a time. We offer various types of descents, namely adrenaline canoeing through wild rapids or a fun descent on a calmer part of the river.

Canoe descent

You will go for a descent with a guide that directs the boat and gives you all the necessary directions for a safe descent. Firstly you will learn the basics on a more peaceful part of the track then we proceed to the rapids.

  • season: from 15.3. to 30.10.
  • departures: at 10.00 and 14.00
  • duration: 1,5h on water, 2,5h all together
  • length: 8-10km
  • extra: children: 5 years +
  • what do you need: swimwear, towel, extra t-shirt

Canoe, (mini raft trip) pricelist
(ww I-IV):

min 4 persons


Canoe, (mini raft trip) pricelist
(ww I-II):

min 4 persons


Canoe rental

If you have experience in rowing and wild waters you can rent a canoe and equipment. One canoe is suitable for two to three people. We take care of all necessary technical equipment. We can also help with the organization of transport. Before departing you will get a waterproof jacket for the mobile phone and all the necessary instructions.

  • season: from 15.3. to 30.10.
  • departures: at 9.00 and 13.00
  • duration: max until 17.00
  • length: 5 – 15 km (depending on how long you want to stay on the water)
  • extra: children: 5 years +
  • what do you need: swimwear, towel, extra t-shirt

Equipment renting pricelist

Complete canoe equipment

40,00Transport not included but we can provide help with transportation for 5€/person

All prices are per person in €. Pricelist is valid from 09.04.2024. All taxes are included.

Kayak season

The seafront season on the Soča River is open from March 15 until October 30. During this time there are good conditions for kayak descents. It is important to choose the right section for your descent in terms of difficulty and water conditions not overestimating your own knowledge. In our agency we offer kayak school and organized kayak descents.