Kobarid is situated at the foot of the mighty Krn, Stol and Matajur and close to many mountains and hills that make the place a perfect starting point for hikers.
By prior arrangement, we can drive you to the starting point and collect you at the finishing point.


Height: 2244 m

Mt. Krn rises to 2244 m the highest peak of Krn mountain range, which rises steeply above the Soca river. At the summit, a viewing point, which has beautiful views extending to the Adriatic Sea, On the north and east side of the mountian, you have views of the highest peaks in the Julian Alps, with clear weather views extend significantly beyond.

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Height: 1642 m

Matajur the mountain, which is located on the border between Italy and Slovenia. The summit has a lovely view of Mt. Stol and to the left the Carnian Alps. You can also view the the western part of the Julian Alps, Mt. Krn, Kanin and the top have of Mt Triglav. Views also extend to the Adriatic Sea, where you can see the port of Trieste. At the top is a small church (chapel) and its viewing platform near the registration booth.


Height: 1673 m

Stol has the longest ridge in the Julian Alps. The ridge is 25 km respectively. On the summit, stands some transmitters. Beautiful views of Mt. Kanin, central Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea.


Height: 1612 m

Muzec or Musc (on maps Mali Muzec) is 1612 m high mountain, which is located north of Breginjski kot. The summit has beautiful views of the Julian Alps and their foothills.

Xpoint - hiking, planinarjenje, biking, kolesarjenje, Soca valley, Kobarid, Slovenia

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